Thursday, September 7, 2017

Haiku Deck (Presentation Tool)

I used Haiku Deck to create a presentation for a Mathematics class. In order to use this app you need to create a free account. This site provides you with lots of great pictures that you can add to your slides (you can add your own pictures, too). When you are done, you can set the speed and timing of transitions between slides and you can also download the presentation as a video to use in the classroom.

In my opinion, Haiku Deck is a very interesting app to make presentations. Teachers can choose from a variety of pictures, which makes work a easier than in a normal Power Point presentation. I think I could use this tool to present and practice vocabulary in my Spanish classes.

I could also encourage students to use it to make presentations for the class (maybe to make them introduce themselves at the beginning of the year, or just to show what they learned about a particular topic). Setting the time between slides also helps with time management because students will have to control how long they talk for before the next slide appears. 

Although I think Haiku Deck could be beneficial for students when creating their own digital media artifacts, it will definitely be a challenge for younger students. I think high school students could take advantage of this app better and could definitely find it useful for many subjects because of the variety of pictures provided.

Example of how to make a presentation on Haiku Deck.

Time Interval between slides

Link to my Haiku Deck presentation for Mathematics (1st grade):

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